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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

GOP debate time tonight has changed

Even surrounding himself with flags, as here in NH,
hasn't helped Gov. Buster Bluster. (Image from

Even staunchly Democratic Plainfield will be following tonight's second GOP debate. After all, the fate of our mostly-absentee governor is at stake.

CNN announced Tuesday afternoon that it was changing the debate time from 9:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Take note so that you don't miss it.

The change was noted in a conference call by CNN to all the national GOP presidential campaigns (see story here). This shortens the time between the "kids table" forum for the runner-up candidates and the main card to just 15 minutes.

As far as Christie is concerned, Donald Trump has sucked all the air out of the room and he is left struggling to get attention. From a strategy of focusing on both the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary (the earliest two contests), Christie has fallen back to betting all his chips on New Hampshire.

In fact, the Monmouth U. poll released on Monday had Christie at 2% in New Hampshire, down from 4% in July -- despite all the time he has invested there (see story here).

In an opinion piece in today's NJ Spotlight (see here), Carl Golden see signs of desperation in Christie's recent flailing at NYC's mayor De Blasio and in referring to New Jersey newspapers as "rags".

What worries me is what will happen to New Jersey Christie's campaaign collapses. He does not strike me as one who will be happy to come back from the high of national ambitions to the quotidian task of running the economically challenged Garden State.

Remember, 8:00 PM on CNN.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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