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Monday, July 6, 2015

Confusing advice on Park Avenue bridge work

Heading north you are told one thing; heading south another.
Plainfield's may be justifiably confused by New Jersey Transit's signage on Park Avenue.

As work progresses on the Park and Watchung Avenue bridges, time approaches for another switcheroo.

If you are traveling south on Park Avenue, NJT advises the underpass will be closed "on or about 7/02/15". Coming down Park Avenue the other way, the sign says "starting 7/16/2015".

It's been like that for days, but we can guess since the earlier date has passed and the underpass is still open that it will close next week.

Both the Park and Watchung Avenue overpasses are being reconstructed as pat of NJT's long-term capital improvements plan. With thirteen rail crossing, Plainfield has more than any other town on the Raritan Valley Line.

We are approaching the exciting phase when pieces of the bridge will be constructed at a location away from the streets involved and then trucked into place once built.

An engineering marvel awaits us.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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