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Friday, July 3, 2015

Christie gets an endorsement. Is it good or bad news?

Christie (left) endorsed by Maine guv Paul LePage (right).

o, the day after Chris Christie announces (at last!) his presidential run, he gets an endorsement -- from Gov. Paul LePage of Maine (see here).

The question is whether this is a good thing for Christie, or a bad thing.

I heard the news on NPR, which played it straight down the middle in a just-the-facts-m'am style. By the next day, NPR had dug in a little deeper and posted an item on Maine lawmakers considering investigating their governor (see here).

Thing was, the buzz from Maine is that everybody thinks the governor is bonkers. Even members of his own party are talking about impeachment (see here and here). He has vetoed a record number of bills, and the Legislature has -- in a bipartisan manner -- overturned those vetoes.

LePage likes Christie because he appears to shoot off his mouth.

But will his endorsement do Chris Christie any good?

Not in Maine, I'll bet.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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