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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why I don't miss Buffalo

That is a wall of snow approaching downtown Buffalo.
The view is from high up in City Hall, looking northwest.
(Image by WBEN, Buffalo's NBC affiliate. Click to enlarge.)
No matter how bad, Plainfield
winters cannot top Buffalo in my book.

Having grown up in Chautauqua County, the westernmost county in New York state, I have seen plenty of snow. Enough for a lifetime, actually.

So, when I saw the NBC picture above, evidently taken from high up in the tower of Buffalo's City Hall, I recalled why I don't miss those Lake Erie winters.

That is literally a wall of snow on the left -- you can see just a small bit of Lake Erie in the right middle of the picture.

The current storm has so far dropped four to six feet of snow and Gov. Cuomo has declared a state of emergency in three counties: Chautauqua, Erie (Buffalo) and Cattaragus. 136 miles of the NY Thruway is closed and nothing is moving.

Dunkirk and Fredonia, the two towns closest to where I grew up, have both issued travel bans.

The picture below is taken from the Dunkirk Observer newspaper's building (on the right) looking north on Central Avenue. The avenue ends in State Route 5, known locally as Lake Shore Drive, which runs left to right just beyond the farthest building shown. The end of Central Avenue is a pier into Dunkirk Harbor, which cannot even be seen here.

The view towards Lake Erie from the Dunkirk Observer building.
(Image: Dunkirk Observer.)
Even the worst Plainfield winter can't begin to come close.

Dunkirk and Fredonia, near where I grew up, are at the top center.
Buffalo would be above the upper right corner of this map.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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