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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jerry Green's last-minute sneak attack on Councilor Williams

A recent mailer from Jerry Green supporting Democratic
candidates says 'We've got their backs'. Hah!

Our old friend and Plainfield Democratic committee chair Assemblyman Jerry Green mounted a sneak attack on Councilor Rebecca Williams with a robocall on Monday by Green's Board of Ed team advising residents not to vote for Williams in today's General Election.

Williams, who won the Democratic primary by beating back Jerry Green's handpicked candidate in June, is in location 8-A in the Democratic column A for the at-large seat in Wards 2 and 3.

The attack comes just days after Jerry Green told Courier News reporter Sergio Bichao: 'As chairman of the party it's my job to support all Democrats in the party'. You can read more in Sergio's roundup election story here (scan down to the Union County section).

So, since when does 'all' mean 'some'? Or 'only the ones I like'?

As I see it, there are just two ways to understand Jerry's action.

Either he is a conniving, lying snake in the grass or he is entering his dotage.

I hesitate to suggest the third most powerful person in the Legislature could be a conniving liar.

So, it must be the other option.

In any event, you can show your support for truth, justice and the American way by voting today for Rebecca Williams on row 8-A.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

You should know that Jerry's slate called and did their spiel. At the end they specifically said "and don't vote for Rebecca Williams."

I am so angry and disgusted with Jerry, I am writing to John Currie to let him know what a vile person they are supporting.

I hope others do the same.