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Thursday, November 27, 2014

If your turkey looks like this, you're in trouble

Is this a good sign or a bad one?
Besides the annual Plainfield-Westfield Thanksgiving Day game, the other big focus of attention is likely to be the big bird.

But if your turkey looks like the one above, you'll be in trouble -- unless you like your breast meat dry as the Mojave Desert.

The reason, the little plastic thermometer gizmo is set to pop up when the internal temperature of the bird is about 185º -- which is way warmer than needed to be considered done, and guaranteed to make the bird dry as cardboard. (For an overview of how these thermometers work, see a HuffPost article here.)

The feds have a handy website (see here) that lists the 'done' temperatures for a variety of foods (turkey is done at 165º). And don't forget that the turkey continues to cook even after removed from the oven.

Some people brine their turkeys in advance to ensure the breast meat does not turn out too dry.

And if it still turns out to be dry, there's always gravy.

Happy Turkey Day!

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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