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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jerry Green gives himself 4 black eyes on Election Day

Jerry Green gives himself four black eyes.

Plainfield and Union County Democratic chair Assemblyman Jerry Green managed to give himself not one but four black eyes on Election Day 2014.

Rebecca Williams won re-election to the Wards 2/3 at-large seat despite several maneuvers by Green to undermine her -- a sneaky robocall the night before the election (which I wrote about here) and covert backing of a Republican candidate for the seat, Plainfield attorney Bill Michelson. (The buzz is Jerry promised Michelson a judgeship for running -- we'll see.) Not only did Williams swamp Michelson -- 3743 to 562 in unofficial numbers -- she bested Green's handpicked Ward 3 candidate Gloria Taylor in that wards polling. Black eye number one.

Jerry Green's 4-5-6 Board of Ed team performed miserably against the Children First Team of David Rutherford, Carletta Jeffers and Terrence Bellamy, with the Rutherford team beating out Green's crew by about a 3-2 margin. Only in Wards 4 and 1 was the Green team able to edge out Children First, and in Ward 1 it was by just a handful of votes. But Children First took Wards 2 and 3 with solid leads to bring home the bacon. Black eye number two.

In Linden, Jerry Green had made a sleazy attempt to undercut mayoral candidate (and sitting councilor) Derek Armstead by obscuring his name on Democratic campaign literature. Armstead's crime? The sitting Democrat had bested the Green machine's pick in the Primary. Despite becoming the official Democratic candidate in the general election (just like Rebecca Williams in Plainfield), Armstead was faced with Green's back-door techniques -- which failed. Black eye number three.

Lastly, Green had backed Linda Greenstein against Bonnie Watson Coleman for the Congressional seat of retiring Rush Holt. Green was embarrassed into backing Watson Coleman -- who has ties to Plainfield -- when Mayor Adrian Mapp beat him to the punch with his endorsement of Watson Coleman this past spring. Green has smouldered about the defeat ever since, and folks suspect he has set up Councilors Gloria Taylor, Bill Reid and Vera Greaves to oppose Mapp at every turn. Watson Coleman walked to victory on Tuesday. Black eye number four.

The question on everyone's mind is whether Jerry Green is just off his game or whether he is becoming a bit senile. Soon to be 76, he is the 'old man' of the Legislature. Is it showing?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rebecca Williams said...

Dan, folks should take notice that I received MORE VOTES THAN ALL the Jerry Green-backed Union County candidates in Ward 2, and came extremely CLOSE TO MATCHING THEM IN WARD 3.

Jerry Green's stupid election tricks backfired on him, and likely cost his county candidates votes--I am sure they are looking at the numbers. I hope that everyone is taking notice of how Jerry Green is (not) running the county Democratic party. It's time for him to GO!


Anonymous said...

I think that it is very sad that people came out to vote for the Presidential election which does not have as much direct effect on Plainfield residents as does City Council members. Where was everybody yesterday? at the beach? I can not remember when we had an election day with such beautiful weather. So sad that most registered voters did not show up at the polls.

Carol Davis said...

He is obsolete, as they say on one of my favorite episodes of the Twilight Zone.

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned for ASS. Jerry Green 2015. Those four black eyes soon to be . . . Ass. Jerry Green gets KNOCKED OUT!

William Michelson said...

If Jerry wants to give me a judgeship, he has forgotten to tell me about it!! I have not been party to any deal, about anything, ever!!