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Friday, May 23, 2014

Jerry Green and 'Cookie Bill': Wrong kind of dough?

Bill Jerry failed to vote on would make it legal for
home bakers to offer their products to the public.

When it comes to dough, Plainfield Assemblyman Jerry Green evidently is only concerned about one kind -- and it's not cookie dough.

Word comes that the Assembly approved a bill (A-1244) Thursday that would allow home bakers to offer their goods for sale legally without using a state-inspected commercial kitchen (see Ledger item here).

I find no record on Jerry's legislative votes page (see here) that he participated in the vote. That doesn't tell us whether he was for or against it, but only that he did not vote.

While the bill will come as welcome news to two of my local favorite cookie bakers, we can only wonder if Jerry missed the vote because he was focused on another kind of dough.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I guess that the cookie makers did not know that they had to contribute to Greens campaign fund in order to get his attention.