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Friday, May 9, 2014

Budget: City puts CBAC and consultant's report, mayor's comments online

What is 'just and capable'?

Those following the Plainfield municipal budget deliberations will find the documents presented at this past Monday's agenda session are now online on the city's website (see here).

The Citizens Budget Advisory Committee report is there, as well as Mayor Mapp's response to the Council's budget consultant's report. You may find the links somewhat jumbled, but just open them all and you will see the documents.

My only question is that the document that is billed as the consultant's report doesn't appear to be the one I saw the consultant reading from at the Council meeting. City officials know about the issue and by the time you read this, it may be fixed.

If you find the page orientation turned the wrong way, just use the 'rotate clockwise' option.

Pay particular attention to Mayor Mapp's brief but incisive comments pointing out that the consultants' suggestions reflect a particular approach to the budget -- one that the Mayor thinks does not serve Plainfield's long-term interests well.

Council meets for its regular business session Monday, May 12, in the Courthouse/Council Chambers and its budget amendments may be discussed and/or adopted at this meeting.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Very enlightening to have the reports posted for public review. It didn't take much time to review the CBAC report and determine that more thought needs to be given to those that are on that committee. The report was so poorly written that it is almost laughable. The tone and language (when used correctly) was just embarrassing and the end result were a bunch of knee jerk recommendations that approach issues as if they are black & white - with little gray area. It may be true that the CBAC could have used more time but I would hate to see what a report out of this group would look like if they had another week or two.

At the end of the day, the Mayor's budget is acceptable and should be approved. There are always line items here and there that can be debated but the approach by the CBAC was too broad and made huge assumptions. Maybe they just didn't ask the right questions during deliberations. Either way, in my opinion it can generally be ignored. Onward and upward - vote on the Mayor's budget and lets get the show on the road here.