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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Is Jerry Green sabotaging Watson Coleman's candidacy?

Green working hard for Watson Coleman?
After a week of Plainfield Assemblyman Jerry Green's help to the Congressional campaign of Bonnie Watson Coleman, one may wonder if Green is actually working hard for her election or subtly undermining her campaign.

As one of her campaign co-chairs, Jerry has a responsibility to help her win by boosting her numbers in this largely Democratic district.

What does he do?
Seems that he has turned the local effort over to former mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs. This may strike some folks as odd, considering he dumped her in last year's mayoral race. But, if you saw them holding hands at the community meeting on Muhlenberg Hospital at Clinton School recently, you would know something was up.

(It is ironic that I am writing this on Mother's Day, considering Robinson-Briggs fired her pregnant City Administrator just days before she delivered and timed the firing to take effect on Christmas Day.)

Whispers are that Green has promised Sharon that if she makes nice during the Watson Coleman campaign he will find her a job (presumably with Union County, the employer of last resort for politicians manqué).

Watson Coleman stumped in Plainfield at three events this past week -- with underwhelming turnouts generated by the Green/Robinson-Briggs duo.

On Tuesday, the candidate waas a guest at a community meeting at Shiloh Baptist Church. While there are several hundred people in the Bible study group that meets weekly, I am told that fewer than fifty people came out for Green's event.

Friday afternoon, Watson Coleman visited the Richmond Towers residents. While Sharon evidently expected she would run the show, she was reminded that the mayor -- now Adrian Mapp -- is the official greeter for honored guests to the city. Again, the turnout was disappointing -- one attendee told me  only about fifteen people came out.

The third event was a meet-and-greet at Robinson-Briggs' home on Pemberton Avenue. I don't know how many were there, but it is a modestly sized home that would not accommodate a large crowd.

All of this can be contrasted with the weekend outdoor rallies attended by hundreds for gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono last year. While Jerry took credit for organizing those, the bulk of the support came from New Democrats who faithfully supported Buono's candidacy.

When we remember that Green was upstaged by Mayor Mapp's early endorsement of Watson Coleman, and took a snit over it, maybe it is not so surprising that this man who holds grudges forever would be tepid about a candidate he was forced to endorse.

I have a strong feeling Watson Coleman will be our next Congressperson, despite Jerry Green's 'help'.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather. Hopefully Briggs cleaned up the exterior of her home "wink, wink" prior to the hosting of this event.