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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gloria Taylor: Queen of Mean?

Jerry Green's handpicked Ward 3 Councilor Gloria Taylor.
Looks like Plainfield Councilor Gloria Taylor is vying with former mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs for the title 'Queen of Mean'.

At Monday's Council meeting,
Taylor interrupted resident Flor Gonzalez as she began to speak during public comment by asking if the address Gonzalez gave was a residence, and then saying 'What? I don't understand you.'

As anyone who has been engaged in the community knows, Ms. Gonzalez has a long and outstanding record of service to both the Hispanic community and the community at large.

Flor has probably guided more people through the citizenship process than any other person or organization in Plainfield.

Flor has been concerned with the safety of downtown businesses and shoppers. (I remember in particular her help in organizing a community memorial for the wife of Mr. Lee, who was murdered by a youthful would-be robber inside their Front Street store a number of years ago.)

Flor is a former Plainfield Housing Authority commissioner.

Flor is no stranger to thousands of Plainfielders.

Flor is also a brave and committed public figure who has continued to serve all sorts of Plainfielders even while contending with breast cancer.

In short, Flor Gonzalez is a Plainfield hero.

But you would not know that from Councilor Taylor's haughty, schoolmarmish mien.

Taken together with Taylor's anti-Hispanic comments at an earlier Cedarbrook Block Association meeting, one has to wonder what exactly she is up to.

I noted that she did not make a similar challenge to her running mate, Charles Eke, who also spoke during public comment and who also speaks accented English.

Queen of Mean or just 'dirty politics'?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making to point about Charles Eke. And while you are at it, Jerry Green is not someone who has a great command of English either.

Bob said...

I have worked with Flor on the report for Mayor Mapp and found her a wonderful person to work with. She is dedicated to making Plainfield a better place to live. You have to listen to her carefully, as she still has a strong accent, but is very understandable. I'm glad we have her.

Bob Bolmer

Anonymous said...

How about just plain ole IGNORANT!

Anonymous said...

How do we find all these losers?

Anonymous said...

am sure it's ok in her mind to be racists...not mean..simply ignorant and uneducated in the fine art of human decency

Anonymous said...

Ms.Taylor besmirches herself each time she opens her mouth. Let her talk herself out of office. She is not mean necessarily, but too ignorant to carry her nose that high up in the air.
She is the handpicked greenie of the moment and dose not seem to realize when one sits on the porch with the "big dogs" one will get fleas. When the big dog gets tired of her, or mad at her for lifting her leg on his fireplug, as he has our recent and current mayors, it will be a crule bite indeed.
The shame is in the damage she will do in the meantime- get it MEANtime.

gabriel aguirre said...

I know both Gloria and Flor. I don't believe Gloria was being mean and I think she really might have had a hard time understanding Flor. I have trouble understanding her in English sometimes so I ask her to say it to me in Spanish.