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Saturday, October 27, 2012

ShotSpotter said to miss another shooting


I am told by cops that yet another Plainfield shooting was not picked up by the ShotSpotter system.

A man was wounded at the Elmwood Gardens project when at least seven shots were fired at him, I was told.

Had it not been for an on-duty cop patrolling in the area, the shooter may have gotten away and who knows what the fate of the wounded man would have been.

The Courier details the chase and arrest (see
here), but you will look in vain to find any mention of the ShotSpotter system, for which the city has agreed on a $179,000 fee for one year of service.

Seven shots fired in one of the city's most gunplay-prone neighborhoods and not picked up by ShotSpotter?

Is this a serious technology or just a high-priced frou-frou of limited use?

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