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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Culture & Heritage Commission open house tonight

Plainfield's Culture & Heritage Commission helps underwrite both
individual artists and cultural activities such as Ethfest,
where this young participant shows off her henna handpainting.

Individual Plainfield artists as well as arts and culture organizations throughout the community are invited to the Culture & Heritage Commission open house tonight. Plainfielders interested in learning more about the Commission's work and in meeting those involved in the city's arts and culture scene are also welcome.

Plainfield's Culture & Heritage Commission has for years offered support to a broad array of individual artists and group activities throughout the community through its program of annual mini-grants.

The open house will give applicants an opportunity to review the grant application process with the Commission, as well as guidelines the Commission uses in determining grant awards.

The Commission will review all grant application received by November 9th for its next funding round.

Tonight's open house is in the Anne Louise Davis Meeting Room of the Plainfield Public Library, 8th Street and Park Avenue.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

News Flash is the Mayor resigning today. Big meeting in City Hall this morning.

Dan said...

Just an employee meeting as far as I resignation in the works.