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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hidden Plainfield: Denuded 'Suburban Cottage'?

Is today's home a denuded 'country cottage'?
One of the architectural styles that is rare in Plainfield is Gothic Revival, though today's Hidden Plainfield always suggests itself to me as having started life as what the Gothic Revivalists would have called a 'suburban cottage'.

This thought is reinforced by the steeply pitched gable roof and the bargeboards, which seem pure 'Carpenter Gothic' -- the execution of Gothic Revival in wooden buildings. The house may have been denuded of an original porch with more Gothic detailing.

Bargeboard (from

Only one Carpenter Gothic home comes to mind in Plainfield -- on the corner of Ravine Road and Berkeley Avenue in the Netherwood Heights Historic District. It is said to have been an outbuilding of the long-gone Netherwood Hotel.

The only other Carpenter Gothic structures in the area are the Church of the Holy Cross in North Plainfield and the now-gone original building of Grace Episcopal Church, which once sat at the corner of East Front and Church Streets.

The home's original porch may have born a closer resemblance
to this example than the stripped-down version we see today.

Today's home also still has its original carriage house which can be spotted down the driveway.

Do you know where today's property is?

Answer tomorrow.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Woodland Avenue? If it is then the house sits somewhere between E. 7th and Watchung Avenue. There is one other good example of a Carpenter Gothic house on the first block E. 9th Street.


Anonymous said...

woodland ave. I think the owner is nemrod owner of netherwood auto repair

Anonymous said...

Woodland Ave

Anonymous said...

It's on Woodland, near Central, and is similar to several homes in Plainfield, including Ravine and Belvidere, next to the one you cited, and two at the foot of Prospect, one of which you sold twenty years ago when you were a realtor.

Cynthia Alexander said...

That house is on Woodland Avenue enroute to Seventh Street and South Ave.