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Monday, October 29, 2012

Congressman Holt campaigns in Plainfield

Kids were happy to pose with Congressman Holt and Nancy Piwowar, but...

... kept a sharp eye on the treats.
Congressman Rush Holt campaigned in Plainfield
Sunday afternoon, walking door-to-door with local activist Nancy Piwowar and stopping to visit a neighborhood Halloween party on Martine Avenue.

The redistricting that followed the 2010 Census moved Plainfield from its former slot in CD6 (represented by Frank Pallone) to Holt's District, CD12. Scotch Plains and Fanwood were also put into Holt's district in the same reshuffle.

Map of the newly-configured 12th CD, putting the meander in gerrymander.

The affable rocket scientist (yes, he is a bona fide rocket scientist) came to Plainfield straight from the Union County Democratic Party's annual campaign breakfast, at which he was a speaker.

The Dems packed L'Affair on Route 22 to the rafters to hear rousing speeches -- including a keynote by Senate President Steve Sweeney -- in support of re-electing President Barack Obama.

Holt was guided on his Plainfield jaunt by local activist Nancy Piwowar, who proudly sported her 'Letter Carriers for Obama' sweatshirt.

The kids at the party on Martine Avenue, while happy to pose for photos with the Congressman, kept an eye on the mouth-watering assortment of candies and treats awaiting them, eager to make sure they were evenly divvied up.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Dan, just to clarify, this was not a neighborhood party, but the Hillside Area Neighborhood Watch Annual Halloween party.

Our neighborhood association is active and promotes community activity. This is one of many events. It is what makes Plainfield great!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Dan I hope all is well and you guys are getting through the storm. I just have 1 question why have administration hired Dave Spaulding to do consultant work when he resigned from his position to keep from getting fired. This is a disgrace he's still making more than his salary off the backs of us the TAX PAYER'S i am disgusted with this. Council is not doing their JOBS. this is a shame.