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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Should Plainfield bail out the Senior Center condos? Question ignites firestorm.

Plainfield's new Senior Center condos ('The Monarch at Plainfield'), which Assemblyman Jerry Green swore were going to be 'as good as Cranford Crossing' and not cost Plainfield taxpayers one red cent may be putting the Assemblyman's reputation on the line on both counts.

I'll come back to the Cranford Crossing comparison later, but for now the burning question is whether Plainfield should bail out the Senior Center condos.

The Monarch is looking to cost Plainfield taxpayers big time, for a long time. And that's not counting the 'sale' of the property to the developer for ONE MEASLY DOLLAR, which fact had to be pried out of the Robinson-Briggs administration at the time.

Robinson-Briggs, Assemblyman Green and City Council members would do well to check out the reactions of Plainfield VOTERS & TAXPAYERS to the proposed tax break for condo buyers as reflected in the numerous comments posted to the various blogs.

Here's a score card so far (and don't forget the old rule of thumb -- each comment represents at least ten folks who feel the same way). Numbers of comments is as of time of this posting --
"Protect Plainfield's interest in condo tax breaks"
| Comments (10)

"Developer seeks major tax abatement"
| Comments (16)

"Assessing the Monarch situation"
| Comments (13)

"Who pays taxes?"
| Comments (6)

"Taxes or a Free Ride?"
| Comments (0)

"Tax abatements for condo future owners?"
| Comments (12)

"Tax abates: What's in it for the Council?"
| Comments (3)
Elected officials who blog should also take note of Olddoc's CHALLENGE TO THEM to post their points of view on PILOTs to their blogs.

-- Dan Damon

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