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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mr. Christie goes to Plainfield

Republican candidate Chris Christie in Plainfield Tuesday,
with District 22 candidates 'Bo' Vastine and Martin Marks.

Downtown Plainfield got a political jolt on Tuesday with a visit by Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie, who spent an hour walking and talking with business owners and customers in the Special Improvement District.

Christie, who spoke with reporters on his ideas to address urban issues, was joined for the walk by District 22 Assembly candidates 'Bo' Vastine and Martin Marks.

The gaggle of newspaper and TV reporters and camera folk who pressed around the candidate to catch every word and handshake didn't make it easy for locals like yours truly and Bernice to get in the mix, but we did get a few good shots. I am posting a slide show below and you can catch Bernice's photos HERE.

Assemblyman Jerry Green (D-Plainfield), who in a normal year hardly needs to fog a mirror to be re-elected, chose to take on Christie. Perhaps to his surprise, it meant also taking on Vastine and Marks in an impromptu jibjab. You can read the Assemblyman's take on the visit on his blog today (see here) as well as Marks (here) and Vastine (here) on same.

When can Plainfield expect a visit from Gov. Corzine?

Candidate Christie chats with Chamber of Commerce president
Lisa Cohen
in her store, Suburban Jewelers.

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-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

Again, with a democratic Governor, Assemblyman ... all the way down the line ... Plainfield should be the best town to live in!! Except Jerry says Bush caused all the problems in the City.

Maybe Meeks & Bramnick wer not so bad as a balance after all ....

Anonymous said...

Plainfield citizens need to wake up and start empowering themselves. We have a choice in November - list your reasons why keeping things the way they are is better than voting for a change. Bet the list is really small, and fear of change is not allowed on the list.

Then vote for the change.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or are almost all of the people who came to see Christie white? What does that say in a predominately black /hispanic town?

Dan said...

To 7:09 AM --

There were a whole lot of white people there, but they didn't come to see Christie, they were WITH him. His team is pretty white. Most of the folks he talked with in Plainfield were Black, but because it was hard for Bernice and I to get close for pix, you wouldn't really know.

Anonymous said...

Most of the people there were his staff entourage and the media. Oh and of course his Assembly wannabes. Mr. Damon, why are you pushing the Republicans so much? I thought you were a Democrat. (Oh, right, you vote for the person not the party.)

Dan said...

To 8:22 AM --

Here's a deal for you: You get Gov. Corzine to Plainfield, and I'll cover it. (I would anyway, even without your help.)

Except, of course, it will be even harder for the local folks like Bernice and me to get close enough to get any shots.

What would you suggest?

Anonymous said...

I am still not exactly sure how voting for Christie is good for Plainfield? Can someone explain that to me? His solution is less govt=less services=less jobs.