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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Blink Fitness gets ready to open

The new Blink Fitness will be at 235-55 East Front Street,
upstairs over the Dollar General store.


 With the opening of a membership sales office at 208 East Front Street, the new Blink Fitness center is getting ready to open.

Housed on the second floor of the old McCrory's building (the Dollar Generl store is on the first floor), the company has spend months gutting the upper floor space, installing new wiring, lighting and HVAC.

They also concluded a deal for the rental of 90 parking spaces in the public lot adjacent to the Supremo parking lot (see my post on that matter here).

Blink (see their website here) is a rapidly growing chain of affordable fitness centers, whose tag line is "Every Body Happy." Their focus is to make people feel good about the exercise experience, regardless of the shape they are in when they join.

I also learned recently that the New York real estate company that owns both the Macy's (Supremo) and McCrory's (Dollar Store / Blink) buildings is also milling and paving not only THEIR lot but the city's public parking lot, too.

This will make TWO full-time gyms downtown. The other, on Park Avenue, is a 24-hour facility that has been open for several years now and seems quite successful in a low-keyed way. They use a parking lot across the street, which is full all the time.

A healthier Plainfield for all!

 -- Dan Damon [ follow ]

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