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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Is LimeBike taking off?

A LimeBike parked in a very unusual spot on July 4.

I have been eagerly watching to see if/when LimeBike would take off.

There have been about half a dozen outside the westbound downtown train station for several weeks, but they didn't seem to be much used.

Then one day I saw a Latino guy riding one down East Front Street near the senior center.

Made a mental note.

Few days later, three bikes were parked in frnt of the Dollar General store at Front and Madison. (That number has now increased to about a half dozen, with more near the McDonald's across the street.)


You will recall that the whole system is driven by a phone app and GPS.

The GPS allows LimeBike to know where bikes aree being picked up and dropped of.

On Sunday, as I was driving to church, there was a Latino guy at 6th and Park with a LimeBike and a small group of men to whom he was obviously explaining the program.

Then on Monday I spotted a gaggle of LimeBikes parked in a public parking lot.

On Tuesday, three were spotted parked under the shade of a tree at Westervelt and Brook Avenue in NORTH Plainfield!

So the LimeBike people are paying close attention to the ridership patterns.

It certainly makes economic sense for the Latinos using the bikes.

$1.00 an hour and drop off where you like must certainly beat calling a cab and being in for $5.00 as soon as you step inside.

My suspicion is this will catch on and definitely have some impact on Plainfield's taxi companies.

The real kicker, though, was showing up at the DaVita dialysis center at Park and Randolph for my July 4th session and finding a LimeBike parked outside the entrance.

Now I know from chatting with them that the nurses and techs all live at some distance and drive to work.

So that leads wonder if one of my fellow dialysis patients has found an economical way to get back and forth to treatments.

More power to him or her!

 -- Dan Damon [ follow ]

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