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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Vision 2025: Public Safety session at PHS Wednesday evening

Participants in the Youth & Education Listening Session.
Wednesday evening will see the first of three "listening sessions" on Public Safety scheduled for the Plainfield Vision 2025 project.

Wednesday's meeting follows Monday's session on Childhood & Youth Education. Education was considered broadly -- from pre-school concerns through 12th grade, and post-secondary education opportunities.

In that session, participants broke into five table groups to look at education from several perspectives --
  • Accesss to education
  • Educational leadership
  • Curriculum
  • Programs
  • Support systems
Reporting out from the table discussions, some of the emphases included --
  • Just getting to school safely
  • Develop a curriculum for parents on preparing children for school
  • Getting to a 100% graduation rate
  • Providing post-secondary pathways for students not pursuing a college education
  • Boost the school board election turnout rate
  • Hiring a strong Superintendent and developing an effective Board
The purpose of these sessions is for community members to brainstorm ideas for action items in the subject area -- both large and small -- as well as to identify stakeholders, resources (including funding sources) and next steps.

Each session follows a similar pattern: Attendees are invited to jot down one idea on each of three Post-It notes provided when they arrive; the action team then sorts the notes into groups with a similar theme, and participants gather around tables (one theme to a table) to further discuss and refine the suggestions on the Post-It notes. To close the evening, each table reports out its ideas to the whole group.

Records are kept of all suggestions, which will then be incorporated into a public presentation to be made on November 4 at Plainfield High School.
Wednesday evening's session will be held at the PHS Cafeteria starting at 7:00 PM. (The other two Public Safety sessions will be October 12 at Cook School, and October 16 at Washington Community School. All start at 7:00 PM.).

  -- Dan Damon [follow]
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