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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A no-drama Council meeting? Read on.

Hmmm... Are we getting closer?
Thinly attended, Monday evening's Council meeting approached what one Councilor once quipped to me would be the ideal: a polite, uneventful Council session.

With 27 resolutions and 12 ordinances, it isn't as if nothing was going on, but there were no contentious outbreaks at all.

As expected, Councilors Rivers and Toliver voted "no" on the ordinances to create a "Manager, Motrs" position and set a salary range for the new job. Despite this, the two ordinances were carried 4-2 (Councilor Storch was absent).

The only other bump in the road was "no" votes by Rivers and Toliver on R 307-17, designating a contractor for the Rushmore Playground upgrades.

The film ordinance (MC 2017-27) generated some questions from residents, particularly concerning non-commercial filming on public property. Corporation Counsel David Minchello pointed out that the proposed fees had been scaled back, nonprofits would only face a one-time charge of $25, and that the ordinance was intended more for large-scale, commercial productions.

Representatives of PRAAR, Plainfield's animal welfare activists, spoke against the proposed renewal of the city's contract with Associated Humane Societies for animal control services.

The point was moot, as the Mapp administration had withdrawn the proposed contract (R 121-17), and Corporation Counsel advised the Council members against a public discussion of the contract's details.

Congrats to all for a no-drama event.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]
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