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Monday, September 18, 2017

Mayor Mapp's 'Vision 2025' project launches this Wednesday

City Hall cupola under restoration, 2001.

... And today.


Mayor Adrian O. Mapp's ambitious 'Vision 2025' project launches this Wednesday (September 20) with the first of nine planned 'listening sessions' in which residents are invited to share their thoughts and ideas on ways to improve Plainfield in seven focused areas of concern and opportunity.

"We are in the midst of an economic renaissance." said Mayor Mapp, "In order to sustain our momentum and provide a city filled with opportunity and promise for our youth, we need a strategic roadmap."

The process provides an opportunity for every member of the community to be engaged in charting the best future for Plainfield.

The seven focus areas are (Note: three sessions -- in different locations -- will be devoted to Public Safety; and Arts & Culture and Connecting Community will be combined into one session) --

Public Safety
  • Crime prevention, safety, fire protection, and natural disaster preparedness and responsiveness.

Health, Human & Social Needs
  • Community access to health services, outdoor spaces, and recreation.

Economic Development & Vibrancy
  • Creation of new economic development projects, attracting new businesses and industries, helping existing business thrive within community, and fostering destination opportunities for neighboring communities to visit and spend money in Plainfield.

Workforce Development & Adult Learning
  • Creation and support of local employment opportunities, access to workforce training and continuing education opportunities (i.e. English as a Second Language).

Childhood & Youth Education
  • Improving the local educational system to provide a quality education that will prepare our youth for continuing education and to succeed in the new economy.

Community Arts & Culture
  • Development, encouragement, and continued support of Plainfield based cultural organizations, programs, and activities for those involved in the arts.

Municipal Government & Essential Services Performance
  • Ef ficient, productive, and responsive services for Plainfield residents through municipal services as well as independent agencies and corporations, including but not limited to, PMUA, NJ Transit, New Jersey American Water, and PSEG.

Connecting Community
  • Creating a culture that breaks down barriers and shares community expertise across multiple dimensions such as socio-economic, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and political a liation. The goal is to celebrate our rich diversity and connect community groups and assets for the strengthening of Plainfield.

The first Listening Session is this Thursday (September 20), and gets under way t 7:00 PM sharp at Hubbard School, 661 West 8th Street. (There is no indication of what room; I am guessing the Auditorium and will check and update this post.)

The topic of this first session is 'Health, Human and Social Needs', including community access to health services, outdoor spaces, and recreaton. Note this is the only session scheduled to take up these specific topics, so if you have concerns or ideas in these areas, best to make plans to be there!

Mayor Mapp has charged his chief of staff, John Stewart, Jr., with spearheading the project, with a final report to e delivered to the Mayor on January 15, 2018.

Stewart advises that an online survey will be posted to the city's website by the end of September for resident input, and also that there will be a 'community playback' on November 4, as a mid-point checkup on the process.

Look for more information and updates on the city's website here as the project progresses, or contact John Stewart, Jr., at (908) 226-2509.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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