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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Rivers, Toliver flog dead horses at Council agenda session

Under Mayor Mapp, "just and capable" have improved markedly.

Monday's Plainfield City Council agenda-setting session was pretty much a snap.

The first hour was filled with committee reports and the presentation and discussion of the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee's report and recommendations.

Councilors Bridget Rivers and Diane Toliver took the opportunity to flog a couple of dead horses.

During the budget discussion, Rivers noted that the Recreation Division's summer programs for young people budgeted for 50 youngsters. Rivers held forth at length on the large number of youngsters needing the program ("and I get the phone calls", she said).

Her little speeches ignore incovenient things like the facts: for instance, that in 2015 only 23 youngsters citywide signed up for the summer program (amd Rivers chaired the Council's recreation committee at the time).

Councilor Toliver obsessed on the repairs to the main fire house on Central Avenue. Eventually, she got Director of Administration and Finance Ron West and Public Safety Director Carl Riley to the table.

West politely explained to Toliver (for the umpteenth time) that there was a request for $50,000 for a feasibility study, and that $160,000 for repairs was on hand.

Toliver continued, her pitch and volume rising (indications she was about to lose control). Director Riley stepped to the table to reassure Toliver the project was under way.

I'll have more on the meeting once the CBAC report is available on the city website.

Council's business meeting is next Monday, May 8, at 8:00 PM in the Courthouse / Council Chambers, East 4th Street and Watchung Avenue.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]
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