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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Plainfield Board of Ed set to take up Superintendent issue tonight

Resolution of this long-standing matter
is expected this evening.

The Plainfield Board of Ed plans to bring a measure of closure to the matter of the status of Anna Belin-Pyles, who is looking to transfer from her position as Superintendent to her prior position as Director of Student Intervention and Family Support Services. Action is expected to be taken at tonight's (April 11) Work/Study meeting.

After the switch was approved by the NJ Commissioner of Education on March 21, the Board originally scheduled the resolution to effect the change for last week's aborted work/study meeting.

At last Wednesday's budget presentation, it was state publicly that the matter would be addressed "next Tuesday" (April 11).

Over the weekend, the agenda was posted to the website, duly containing the pertinent resolution.

Owing to expected large turnout, the Work/Study session has been schedule for 8:00 PM in the PHS Cafeteria.

Enacting this resolution will give the green light to the Board to declare the Superintendent's office vacant and begin to move on the process of searching for a new superintendent.

Parking available in the Kenyon Avenue lot, with entry directly from the parking lot.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]
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