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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Plainfield's community ID card in soft launch

Mayor Adrian Mapp displays his new Plainfield ID card.

took another step Tuesday in joining the select group of New Jersey communities that includes Newark, Perth Amboy, Dover and Roselle in offering photo ID cards to their residents. The system has been in design and development for several months.

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp was joined by Councilor Barry Good and SID vice president Maritza Martinez in testing the new ID card system.

Each filled out the card application and sat for their photo against a special blue background screen just like the MVC uses.

After a technician cropped the photo and double-checked the card information, the new processing equipment printed and issued the laminated plastic card in less than a minute.

Mayor Mapp sits for his photo...

... which is then edited...

Photos are cropped to remove unnecessary background.

Councilor Barry Goode and SID VP Maritza Martinez.

Closeup of a card.

Proudly displaying their cards (l to r): Councilor Barry Goode,
Chief of Staff John Stewart, Mayor Mapp, Communications Director
Jazz Clayton-Hunt, and SID VP Maritza Martinez.

In his remarks, Mayor Mapp stressed that though this ID card will be particularly valuable for immigrants, it is a card for ALL residents and provides an inexpensive and convenient photo ID for various purposes, including access to city services, the Plainfield Public Library and school services.

One of the largest benefits that was discussed when the Council mulled the proposal was to get banks to accept the card for opening accounts. That is still to come.

Mapp also stressed that the fee structure is designed not to be a revenue generator, but just to cover the cost of running the system. Cards are issued for a two year period, and the fee is $15/person and $5 for students and seniors. There will be a replacement fee for lost cards.

The "soft launch" will be for a month, where municipal employees will receive their ID cards and the system will get its "shakedown cruise" workout.

The program will go live for the entire community on October 10.

The ID cards will be issued in the Municipal Clerk's office on the first floor of City Hall, by appointment only, during regular work hours.

Applicants must fill out a request form available at the Clerk's office or online. Along with payment, two forms of ID must be submitted -- one showing who the person is, and another showing a Plainfield address for the applicant.

To learn exactly what documents to bring or to make an appointment, residents may call (908) 753-3222 x2110.

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