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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

(Board of Ed) Hiring of Human Resources Director on tonight's agenda

Bernice Marshall Simmons was formerly HR Director of the
Perth Amboy Public Schools.

The hiring of a new Human Resource Director is on the Plainfield
Board of Education agenda.

The candidate is Bernice Marshall Simmons, who was formerly HR Director at the Perth Amboy public schools.

Marshall Simmons (then just Marshall) settled a lawsuit against the Perth Amboy district in which she claimed she was discriminated against and subjected to a hostile work environment because she was African American in a district that is 87% Hispanic.

Her LinkedIn profile shows her as at the Perth Amboy job through the end of the 2013-14 school year. The district settled her suit for $170,000 in November 2015, according to the NJ Civil Settlements blog (see here).

Marshall alleged that the Perth Amboy superintendent, after only four months on the job, curtailed her duties and hired another person under a different title. It was pointed out in her defense at a public board meeting that Marshall's was the only department in the Perth Amboy schools that got a perfect QSAC rating at that time.

Marshall's LinkedIn profile shows that she has been with the Newark Public Schools in the interim.

The interesting question here is not her qualifications, which appear to be top notch, but her willingness to come into another district with a large (and growing) Hispanic student population.

While the current Superintendent is also African American, that is certainly no guarantee going forward.

The Plainfield Board of Education's business meeting is slated for 8:00 PM (ahem!) this evening in the PHS Cafetorium. The agenda is online here. Use the Kenyon Avenue parking lot.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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