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Monday, May 2, 2016

Time and place screwups over Plainfield Board of Ed reorg meeting


Plainfield's Board of Ed reorganization meeting scheduled for Tuesday evening (May 3) has an extraordinary number of screwups -- even for Plainfield.

Evidently the Superintendent, on her own initiative, changed the originally scheduled 8:00 PM event to 7:00 PM,which caught some Board members by surprise.

Then, with a classic "tin ear" move, she changed the location from the PHS conference room to the PHS auditorium. Evidently, she never got the message that the public finds the auditorium an unfriendly space for these meetings.

The last I heard was that the newly elected members were protesting the choice of the auditorium, and the Superintendent agreed to poll eveyone by phone to get agreement on the location.

My suspicion is that the PHS Library location will win out (which is where last week's meeting was held, meeting with general public approval).

But to be safe, call the Superintendent's office ahead of time at (908) 731-4335. The website still shows the auditorium.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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