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Friday, February 5, 2016

Mapp: City surging ahead

Mayor Adrian Mapp delivbers the State of the City Address
as Chief of Staff John Stewart coordinates the presentation.

Most of the Council was present for the special meeting.
(Councilor Williams teaches on Thursdays and could not make it.)

Unflapped by a late start caused by equipment problems, Mayor Adrian O. Mapp delivered the annual State of the City Address
to a packed house Thursday evening at the Plainfield Senior Center.

Council President Cory Storch opened a special meeting of the Council with members Goode, Rivers, Taylor and Toliver present and immediately turned the program over to Mayor Mapp.

Mapp summarized progress by various departments in the course of 2015 and laid out some themes for 2016 in the Address, which will be posted to the city's website. A taped version will be broadcast on PCTV.

The audience interrupted with applause at several points, especially with reference to the hard work of the DPW in cleaning up January's record 3-inch snowfall.

Some of the most detailed information concerned economic development initiatives, which are finally gaining steam after years of preparation. The city's new rebranding program to attract developers and businesses was also announced, as well as an RFP for developers for the Muhlenberg site.

Of special interest for First and Second Ward residents will be a public meeting with FEMA officials to hear about the updated flood maps -- which should give many property owners relief. I will post more on that meeting as the time approaches.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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