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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Is Plainfield Latino barking up an imaginary tree?

A sample of Newark's municipal ID card.

Plainfield Latino's Norman Ortega published an intriguingly titled post Friday concerning Plainfield's new Community ID cards (see his post here).

"North Plainfield Mayor asks Mapp to discuss IDs" promises more in its headline that it delivers in the story.

Saying he "met with" North Plainfield Mayor Michael Giordano at a borough carwash (that suggests a planned meeting, the story seems to indicate they bumped into each other), Ortega relates a conversation concerning Plainfield's new community ID card.

Doing a little freelance ambassadoring, Ortega asked Giordano if the borough would accept the Plainfield IDs as a proper form of identification.

Giordano seems to have politely indicated he was willing to discuss the idea with Plainfield mayor Adrian O. Mapp.

That is not the same thing as Giordano asking Mapp to have a meeting to discuss the matter. Was Giordano Interested? Was he waffling? We can't really tell from Ortega's recitation of the events.

And what about the North Plainfield Borough Council? Surely they would have something to say about the matter? Not a mention.

Did Ortega relay this conversation to Mayor Mapp? We don't know from the post, but it doesn't seem likely.

How is Mayor Mapp supposed to find out about this supposed interest on Giordano's part? By reading Plainfield Latino? That's not the way governments do business.

The entire discussion of municipal identification cards in New Jersey has assumed that a municipality may issue a form of identification for its own residents which would be good for as far as its writ runs -- meaning the boundaries of that community only.

Ortega's suggestion changes the original intention of having a "municipal" ID card altogether.

Seems to me Mr. Ortega is barking up an imaginary tree.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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