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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trump trumps Fox News

The Donald KO's Fox's Kelly? (Image,

Plainfielders following the Republican primary contest may be interested in the backroom maneuvering between The Donald and Fox News.

New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman reported that, after sharp questioning by Fox's Megyn Kelly at the GOP debate, Trump told Fox News bigwig Roger Ailes that he would be boycotting Fox (see story here).

Shutting off the tap. No appearances, no invites to press conferences.

Sherman says that put a real squeeze on Fox, where they have been deluged with anti-Kelly email from their subscriber base.

Ailes was faced with taking Kelly's back and further alienating Fox's audience, or coming to terms with Trump.

Guess who won?

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Kelly announced on air that she was taking a 10-day break.

Scheduled in advance, says the Fox spin machine (see here). But Salon (see here) begs to differ, saying it was "unplanned".

In any event, it appears the Trump tail is wagging the Fox News dog (see here).

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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