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Sunday, August 2, 2015

The answer to Bernice's question

Mystery solved. There is no fourth letter.

It is eye-catching.

Bernice wondered if this sign being painted on Plainfield's former Crown Cadillac dealership on East 5th Street at Cleveland Avenue was a message to humanity from another universe.

Turns out it's a new sign for the building's longtime occupant, Bradford's Wreck-A-Mended Auto Repair shop. Crown still uses some of the large lot behind the building as overflow parking for new vehicles it can't fit on its cramped highway location.

The Queen City's downtown was once sprinkled with automobile dealerships. Besides Crown Cadillac (now on Route 22 in Watchung), there was Queen City Oldsmobile (Oldsmoble and 'Qeen City' are long gone, but the dealership is on Route 22 in Green Brook) and Romond Jeep -- now being replaced by a Cretella project.

I have long smiled at this shop's name. Probably the wittiest in Plainfield, it is at least a double pun, if not a triple.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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