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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Barclays Golf Tournament will disrupt local traffic until Aug. 31

The Plainfield Country Club is Ground Zero for the next week
owing to the Barclays Tournament.

Time for some traffic problems in Plainfield?

You betcha! But it will have nothing to do with Gov. Chris Christie or his minions.

Instead, it will be golf -- namely the Barclays Tournament which is slated to begin at the Plainfield Country Club on Monday and run through the following Monday, August 31.

Event planners are expecting 15-25,000 visitors per day. Ticketed attendees will park at a distance in designated parking areas and be shuttled to the Woodland Avenue club. (During the 2011 event, Muhlenberg lots were used as a parking location; I haven't got details for this year.)

But those who drive through that general area will want to make other plans. Note the following 6 AM -10 PM restrictions --
  • WOODLAND AVENUE will be closed southbound between Sprague Avenue and Oak Tree Road;

  • MAPLE AVENUE will be closed between Woodland and Park Avenues;

  • OLD RARITAN ROAD will be closed from Woodland to Inman Avenue.
Besides these closures, you can expect extra traffic and long lines on Park Avenue, Inman Avenue and Raritan Road.

The STOP sign at Raritan Road and Inman Avenue will be a nightmare.

If you are accustomed to using any of these roads frequently, make alternate plans.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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