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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Remembering Mabel Hunter

Mabel Hunter being honored by Mayor Al McWilliams,
Memorial Day, 2000.

Women to watch out for: Mabel Hunter, Ruth Dobson and
Barbara Sandford. Memorial Day, 2000.
Plainfield says goodbye today to another of its veterans, Mabel Hunter, whose funeral is this morning at Mt. Olive Baptist Church.

I first came to know Mabel when I went to work for the city. Mabel was the motivating force behind the ceremonies conducted on both Memorial Day and Veterans Day, which she supervised every year as long as she was well and able.

A pert and peppy woman, she always seemed larger than she really was and projected a no-nonsense directness that well suited her military background and interest in veterans affairs.

A veteran of the Korean Conflict, she always wore her hair in what those of us of a certain age would immediately identify as a WAC/WAF 'cut'.

Not only was she responsible for arranging for the ceremonies on those two holidays, she coordinated getting the members of the VFW and American Legion posts out to the events in force.

Among other things, Mabel pressed Mayor Al McWilliams for a separate space for the veterans as part of any new Senior Center project.

Though the project took a different shape when it was finally realized, Mabel would be delighted at the fine new and separate accommodations for Plainfield's veterans of military service.

Mabel, we will miss you!
Troops, at ease!

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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