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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Not gone, Yvonne strikes again

A toolkit for 'Yvonne'?

The mysterious 'Yvonne' has now made an appearance at Plainfield Today.

After Bernice called 'Yvonne' out for fronting Jerry Green's line on the Park Hotel and wishing her 'Yvonne begone' (see her post here), someone using that moniker has made a return.

I say 'someone' because I'm not sure it's the same person.

Bernice's 'Yvonne' uses infelicitous phrasing that sticks out like a chartreuse polyester pantsuit --
...the place is a rat hold (instead of 'rat hole')...

...the people there [serve] no purpose or need to the residents of Plainfield...

...besides, the word out is that (instead of 'the word is out that')...

Bernice also notes that 'Yvonne' submitted previous comments, including one with a link to Jerry''s blog.

The comment at Plainfield Today is somewhat different (and there is no link or outright reference to Jerry Green). The post (see here) was about the last meeting chaired by Councilor Bill Reid, at which Director Eric Watson's acting appointment to DPWUD was extended.

Here is what 'Yvonne' had to say --
If you quickly skim through your article, one would think Williams and Storch were correct in voting “no” on the extension of Watson as the Director of Public Works and Urban Development for the City of Plainfield.

I mean, c’mon. Of course the man is not right for the job.

He has pocketed thousands of dollars from Plainfield tax payers and now he wants to make more????

Williams and Storch make it appear as they are doing something worthy, but what they are really doing is putting politics before the well being of the people.

They want to picture the other council members as bad public servants, clearly voting for someone who has no business working in Plainfield.

I guess if a snow storm were to approach, we would all just have to fend for ourselves.

Good thing council members Reid, Rivers, Brown and Greaves were there to keep the guy-- at least until they find his replacement.

The real test will be when Mr. Watson’s contract is brought forward for a full term.

I can bet money that Williams and Storch will vote yes to keep Watson on board.
'Yvonne' overlooks the fact that Councilors Storch and Williams have been chilly to the Watson appointment all along -- Storch even said at the Council meeting of Watson's initial appointment and then in a Courier News story that he would not be voting for Watson's appointment.

'Yvonne' seems to take a dim view of Watson, too; but is really more interested in making digs at Storch and Williams.

You will notice that the writing is much better -- even if the logic seems bizarre -- in this 'Yvonne' selection as compared to Bernice's.

Does that suggest there are multiple Yvonnes?

Or that 'her' style has simply improved -- though 'her' logic has not?

Who is this 'Yvonne'?

We might get some clues from a close reading of 'her' comment.

Who's mantra is critiquing 'dirty politics'?

What kind of people talk about 'bringing contracts forward for a full term'? (Hint: Think school district administrations.)

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Yvonne’ is a school board member.

You have a bunch of them eager to have a seat on City Council.

And, because Storch is up this year, it would make perfect sense to attack him.

I wonder which one will run against him. That is the real question.