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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Plainfield Assemblyman Jerry Green absconds

Hand-lettered sign on door of old office advises Jerry has moved.

Has Plainfield Assemblyman and Democratic Party chairperson Jerry Green absconded?

A reader asked me at an event this past Saturday if the Assemblyman had moved his office from the Watchung Avenue location where he has been for dogs' years.

I was stumped, but a visit cleared things up. He has indeed absconded (to leave quickly and secretly).

So, is the move a secret? Here's the address on Jerry's blog.

According to a handwritten sign posted on his former office's front door, Jerry has indeed absconded -- to the County Office Building at West Front and Park Avenue.

Jerry has a ground floor suite (number 102) in the signature building -- which has been unable to keep its ground floor spaces filled since it opened nearly a decade ago. (I am told prospective tenants consider the rents very high -- but then, that's not a problem to agencies using taxpayer dollars to pay them.)

The only real questions for me are whether Jerry is getting a space inside the parking deck -- which is supposed to be available for resident use, but for which access is still denied -- and where visitors are supposed to park.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Jerry has a reserved parking spot outside the garage next to the building where his office is located. RESERVED FOR ASS GREEN.

Anonymous said...

I guess Mr Green wants to stay close to the county welfare office

Anonymous said...

Who care where he goes. I wish it was as far away from Plainfield as possible. Liberia..... we can only hope.

Anonymous said...

ASS Jerry Green needs to relocate to the furtherest nursing home facility/