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Friday, October 17, 2014

Green-inspired attack on Board of Ed candidates?

Resident Danny Dunn brandished one of the team's lawn signs
at last Tuesday's Council meeting.
Did Plainfield Dem party chair Jerry Green inspire resident Danny Dunn's tirade against the Rutherford-Jeffers-Bellamy Board of Ed slate at Tuesday's Council  meeting?

Dapper and imposing, Dunn came to the mike during public comment after Council business was finished, brandishing one of the BOE team's lawn signs. Dunn complained that his remarks at a previous meeting were obscured when televised on PCTV, and he wanted to make sure they were heard and seen properly.

He then launched into a harangue concerning the team's tagline: 'Keep politics children the priority' as seen on its billboard over Pete's Fish Market at East 2nd Street and Watchung Avenue.

The tagline to which Dunn objected is on the billboard
above Pete's Fish Market at Watchung and East 2nd Street.

Dunn insisted the Rutherford-Jeffers-Bellamy team is fronting for Republican operative John Campbell -- whose wife Wilma is president of the Board of Ed.

At the same time, he conveniently ignored mentioning that Jerry Green is backing an alternate Board of Ed team composed of Michael Horn, Norman Ortega and Tania Center. In fact, as I pointed out in an earlier post (see here), Green's BOE team's signs were prominently stacked at the Dem headquarters on Park Avenue and posted in its windows.

Rutherford's team will exact its revenge with a free fish-and-grits breakfast for the community tomorrow (Saturday) morning starting at 10:00 AM and running until the food is gone.

The revenge? The get-together will be at the home of Terrence Hooker, 1086 Kenyon Avenue -- just steps away from Danny Dunn's residence.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Dan this have nothing to do with Mr. Green this is personal between Danny Dunn and the fish nd chicken frying Campbells

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, Dunn, has a point, those lawn signs are everywhere even on property where the homeowner didn’t give them permission. And yes, it is a fact that The Campbell’s is backing that slate, you know it, we all know it. Rutherford is a nice guy but he certainly don’t have the ambition or fortitude to run a campaign on his own. Remember he ran on a slate with Wilma Campbell last year and lost. It is all about politics and who controls the budget. HOW MUCH FISH AND GRITS CAN ONE EAT????

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you wont post this. If you thought Green didn’t care for you, you should hear the derogatory names the Campbell’s use when referring to you.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Green is a putz - Danny Dunn is a putz - they're all putzes!

Anonymous said...

To the Doltish person who commented on a previous blog post -

"Unfortunately Rutherford
, Jeffers and Bellamy are beholden to the Campbell republican party. They are there to do the Campbell's bidding only, they could care less about the children. Let's be real"

Are you saying that the Campbells aren't capable of caring for the children because they are Republicans?


Anonymous said...

Who is the person with the red signs?
I thought there was seven candidates