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Friday, March 14, 2014

Will Green-New Dem 'honeymoon' come to an end tonight?

Those kcik-ass Democrats are at it again...

Will the uneasy year-old alliance between Assemblyman Jerry Green, chair of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee, and the New Dems political club come to an end tonight? That is the question on the minds of many who watch the Queen City's political parade.

With a Council majority that seems unwilling to agree to Mayor Adrian Mapp's reform agenda, and three of seven Council seats up this year, Plainfield Democrats and the city's voters at large once again find themselves at a crossroads.

Now that Green and the leaders of the Fanwood and Scotch Plains parties have endorsed Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman in the 12th Congressional District race, attention will focus on the Plainfield races.

Rebecca Williams, the sitting Councilor for the Wards 2/3 at-large seat has announced her bid for re-election and introduced her running mate for the Ward 3 seat, Charles McRae at last week's Cedarbrook Block Association meeting (see my post here).

Word in the street is that Assemblyman Green has been candidate-shopping, offering Williams' at-large seat line to one of the PMUA's fiercest and most consistent critics who, I am told, declined. Smart money seems to think Green will offer PMUA alternate commissioner Charles Eke yet another swing at the piñata.

The assumption all along is that Green will offer the Ward 3 line to Gloria Taylor, widow of the late mayor Rick Taylor. Taylor was hand-picked over other possibilities (including popular Plainfield teacher Veronica Taylor, who Green had previously publicly backed) to fill the vacancy created when Mapp had to give up his Council seat on taking the mayor's chair.

Bill Reid, the Ward 1 incumbent, publicly announced at Tuesday evening's PMUA board meeting that he is stepping aside and will not seek re-election this year. This means that Green will have an opportunity in the First Ward also tonight.

Word in the street is that Diane Toliver, wife of the recently replaced PMUA commissioner Alex Toliver, has the nod. With no political experience, she has nevertheless taken the floor at Council meetings in recent months to defend her husband's role as a PMUA commissioner.

Alex Toliver is one of the three commissioners who engineered the $1.2 million severance giveaway to former PMUA executives Eric Watson and David Ervin, a subject which has rankled ratepayers throughout the city.

Such a move by Green would not sit well with Mayor Mapp, who has made it clear that he believes there needs to be a housecleaning at the solid waste agency -- especially in the light of the nearly-year-long forensic audit being undertaken by the state of the authority's business practices.

Tonight's Democratic City Committee meeting gets under way at 7:00 PM at the YWCA. Arrive early to get a seat.

The Plainfield YWCA is at 232 East Front Street (corner of Church Street). Parking available in the YWCA lot and on the street.

Guests are always welcome, but only members of the Committee may participate in discussions and voting.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Diane Toliver what a big joke she have no chance in the world to win. Alex Toliver/Diane Toliver jerry needs fresh blood

Pat Turner Kavanaugh, Rick Taylor's PIO said...

Dan: I have to use your clearly slanted blog to respond to David Rutherford, as he does not permit comments on his blog. I listened to his post of every word of Gloria Taylor's campaign speech he posted, although David termed it "hardly a campaign speech." I worked in City Hall as Rick Taylor's PIO. I am not speaking ill of the dead, but I laughed out loud when Gloria charged Rick Smiley with "politicking." Her husband did trades every day of the week, sometimes more than one. That's called getting things done. He used his brain and his charm and his political acumen. Gloria in her campaign announcement offered the people of the Third Ward "spit and guys," the ability to walk the streets and an appeal for neighborliness.
I have no dog in this fight. I do not live in the Third Ward and I am one of those "1 in 14" Republicans in a City where I have lived my entire life, including years under such stellar Mayors as Pete Blatz and Paul O'Keefe. Maybe I should join Gloria's effort to "bring back the good old days," Republican leadership, or, at the very least, representation.

Anonymous said...

Will the uneasy year-old alliance between Assemblyman Jerry Green, chair of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee, and the New Dems political club come to an end tonight? ---- You mean will the New Dems suddenly develop a spine and realize a campaign of capitulation has a history of egg on your face? Oh no...they won't...Jerry will do what Jerry will do and the New Dem's will stand in the corner wringing their hands and kicking their feet side to side and muttering, "Jerry is bad" ...and we'll start the process all over again.. Wash, Rinse, Repeat..

Anonymous said...

Jerry is done. He will lose the council, he will lose the Union County Chairmanship next year, and hopefully, he will lose his assembly position.

He is done, Plainfield is on the move - get the correlation?