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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Curious Case of the Official's Missing Wallet

Plainfield's Drake House plays a role in the curious case of the missing wallet.

The following story is making the rounds among Plainfield politics watchers. Depending on your point of view, you may either find it amusing or disturbing.

On February 23, the Drake House wrapped up its Black History Month program with a special showing of a video documentary of her travels in Morocco on a Fulbright grant by Plainfield artist Indira Bailey.

The event was well-attended and included among its many guests a former and a current elected Plainfield official, neither of whom is known as an habitué of Plainfield's renowned house museum.

Seems that sometime after the event ended and the Drake House was shut up, one of the officials discovered their wallet had gone missing.

We've all had a similar experience, I am sure.

The first thing one does is try to retrace one's steps in one's mind's eye in the hope we will recall putting the missing item down someplace. That failing, we may turn to someone else to help, embarrassing as that may be.

And the official does -- by asking the Fire Division to help out.

As the story goes, when one official of the Historic Society, which manages the city-owned museum, could not come to open up the Drake House for the official to look for their wallet, the Fire Division was contacted.

While some members of Plainfield's finest went with the official to the Drake House, a truck -- so the story goes -- was dispatched to the home of an Historical Society board member to fetch them to the Drake House.

The board member, however, had already been alerted and drove over on their own -- to find the official and some of Plainfield's bravest pondering whether they might have to force their way into the Drake House to search for the missing wallet.

Board member to the rescue, the Drake House was opened -- and searched, only to come up empty handed.

Word came back later that the elected official had discovered the errant wallet -- at home, on the stairs, where it had been all the time.

Perhaps it's time for the official to consider retiring?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I Wonder If A Regular Citizen Would Have Gotten All That Attention If They Lost Something?

Blackdog said...

Poor Jerry?
No one else could have mobilized the troops in this manor!

Anonymous said...

Only in Plainfield would the Fire Department come out for a locked door-They would not come out for me or you as anonymous said- Just another I'm special person living big in Orwell-land. Back to Animal Farm, where some of us are more special(equal) than others-
The upshot-no one got shot and the Drake House got a little well deserverd attention-
It just goes to show our administration can't keep track of it's own stuff, how do we expect them to take care of the Cities?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what it cost to in equipment and manpower to run a fire truck from their headquarters to the Drake House and back.

This official has lost more than his wallet - he has lost his mind.

Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

From Pat Turner Kavanaugh, serving as GG (grammar Grouch). Dan, you made many grammar mistakes in your account - amusing as it was. The anonymous comment at 9.27 included the same mistake you made repeatedly,
"regular citizen" does not match up to they - however proud I am of
S women's rights, I do not include grammatical errors in the battle.Show up at Cedarbrook apartment building. 600 "luxury" apartments is even more laughable than the tower over the senior citizens' place on Front Street.