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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jerry Green among those eyeing Holt Congressional seat

Plainfield is clearly the tail of this gerrymandered
dog, the 12th Congressional District.

'I'd like to feel that Plainfield is a major player', Assemblyman Jerry Green told PolitickerNJ on Tuesday, after Congressman Rush Holt's surprise announcement that he would not run for re-election this fall (see story here).

Green expressed interest in the seat himself and noted that he also had indications of interest from fellow Assembly person Linda Stender and up-and-comer Colleen Mahr, mayor of Fanwood.

PolitickerNJ reports the trio are among nine seeking to run for the open seat (see story here) in the 12th Congressional District.

While it is true that Plainfield is solidly Democratic and should be expected to play an important role (along with Fanwood and Scotch Plains, which also were added to the 12th Congressional District after the 2010 Census), I wonder if the tail can wag the dog.

After all, the addition of Plainfield to the District only solidified a trend toward Democratic dominance of the District that began with Holt's close win in 1998 but has been strengthened through two redistrictings since.

Green, Stender and Mahr face some stiff competition, as Mercer County State Senators Shirley Turner and Linda Greenstein are also both interested in the seat.

While it might be a pleasant dream for Green to envision finishing the game as a Congressman, attention must be paid to the fact that he will turn 75 in April, and the seat may go to a younger prospect.

Nevertheless, Green will be courted for his backing, and who knows what prize he may extract from the Democratic leadership for his giving it.

Fate has given the roulette wheel a spin. Keep your eye on the ball.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a way to finally get Jerry Green from running Plainfield into the ground after the last 20 years

Anonymous said...

Please - let him get out of Plainfield!!!!! I might even work to get him elected. Anything to get him out of here!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope he does run for that seat! Maybe just maybe he will be out forever. He will never win that district. Just too many people there who have a brain and can think on their own.