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Thursday, February 6, 2014

City website needs a helping hand, a watchful eye, or both...

So, where is 'Message 1'? And what about that hokey 'logo'?

Why does nothing happen when you 'click here'?

Plainfield's website needs a helping hand, a watchful eye, or both.

Things have gotten somewhat better since the advent of the Mapp administration -- at least the banner items on the front page are posted in a more timely fashion.

However, there are oddities that give the impression that no one is keeping an eye on the accuracy of the messages and the expected behaviors of the website.

Take the two screenshots above as an example.

Both are among the current banner items on the front page, but each gives evidence that either no standards are being applied or no one is checking the work before it is posted.

Take the 'Message 2' item with the 'alert' symbol of an exclamation point in a yellow triangle. But what is the point here? Does it mean the user should be looking for 'Message 1'? If so, where would it be? If not, why have the confusing indication at all? I clicked and clicked and failed to get any indication that there was a 'Message 1' to be found.

Secondly, we find that hokey knockoff of the City seal again. One of the points that the Communications Subcommittee made in Mayor Mapp's Transition Report (it's online here) is part of the mission of an Office of Communications is to protect the city's 'brand' -- of which the seal is a prime example. If it's to be used at all, why not use the real McCoy instead of a knockoff that gets the elements all wrong?

Then we have the banner concerning Mayor Mapp's trip to Washington for the US Conference of Mayors winter meeting.

The highlighted 'click here for more informations' does no such thing.  A click where indicated brings up no further information. Why not? Is it missing or was it not intended to be there in the first place?

Shouldn't somebody in a supervisory capacity have caught this before it went online?

Who is minding the store?

Is this the impression we want visitors to our website to have of the City government's professionalism?

I hope not.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Dan it appears by your constant complaints about the appearance and content of the city website that you're angling for a job in I.T. Why don't you just fill out an application like everyone else who seeks employment from the city. Either that is the case, or you're pushing a candidate for the job. Your pandering is very obvious!

Anonymous said...

It's not as bad as the scene with the fireworks over the water. Where is that at in Plainfield?

Also, how can employees access email if the link is not working?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,

You are correct and I know where you are going with this!!!!!! keep in mind that the people who used to manage the web site in the previous administration no longer manages it.

Are you aware that it was taken over by someone else??????

Dan, I know where you are pointing the finger to but its not him!!!!!!!