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Thursday, September 5, 2013

PMUA Environmental Fair Saturday

The Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority's annual Enviromental Fair is slated for this Saturday, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM in Library Park.

Originally started as an environmental outreach event, in the early days the Fair featured demonstrations of technology used by the PMUA and improvements being made to the community's solid waste management systems.

Kids from the youngest ages were engaged with creating posters and other art works with an environmentally responsible theme and awards were given for winners of an essay contest.

Though there have always been kids entertainment, food and music, over the years the emphasis seems to have shifted to primarily being a giant outdoor (and very good!) barbecue, with the educational components considerably scaled down.

More's the pity, as I don't see a reason Plainfield's residents can't have both, considering the rates they pay.

At any rate, be sure to come out Saturday and check out this year's offerings. Rain date is Saturday, September 14.

-- Dan Damon [follow
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Anonymous said...

Is feeding the residents the only way to education about the PMUA? City hall must be starving because they sure have not been making educated choices with our tax monies. Maybe we need to go back and feed the council at their meetings!

Anonymous said...

Are they having this fair to feed friends and family or to educate the public on why they should recycle? I hope Gerry Green does not use this as a free event to campaign. I was told that the PMUA board was all democrat and all black put on the board by Mr.Gerry Green... Gerry Greens $$$ Dream Team $$$$$

Anonymous said...

Went there today at 11 AM, and was told no food or drinks allowed to given out till after the politicians were done with their speeches! I did not here anyone talk about saving the environment or how we should recycle. The people there also dropped their garbage on the ground. The best thing there was the wagon rides around the park.