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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Secrets of Council Agendas: Rock - Paper - Scissors?

Now that Councilor Cory Storch has been joined by Annie McWilliams and Adrian Mapp, the Plainfield City Council's agenda-setting sessions are taking on a new persona, more like that of the days of Council President Ray Blanco, when the Council was ANYTHING BUT A RUBBER STAMP for the Robinson-Briggs administration.

Take tomorrow's agenda as an example --

The Council has some initiatives OF ITS OWN:
  • Mortgage foreclosure moratorium request
  • Designation of a memorial for the late Mayor Al McWilliams
  • Continuing discussions on --
    • FY2009 Budget
    • East 6th Street (Bryant Park) Playground
    • Take-home use of City-owned vehicles
And Mayor Robinson-Briggs brings DEBATABLE ITEMS to the table:
  • An $11.876M 'emergency' budget appropriation for March and April (which would leave TWO MONTHS in the budget year for a new budget)
  • A (one-person-only?) layoff plan
  • More pork for pay-to-play engineering firm Remington & Vernick
  • And a no-bid designation of the Scirocco Group as the City's risk-management consultant
Will the Council raise questions and maybe even refuse approval of some Administration items?

Rock beats scissors.

City Council Agenda Session
Monday, January 26
7:30 PM
City Hall Library

-- Dan Damon


Anonymous said...

I feel your tone is too divisive. You talk about two new members joining Storch. Where are the members joining together for Plainfield?

Seems very partisan to me.

Now I wonder if my vote was cast properly.

Jane S.

Dan said...

To Jane S. --

I appreciate your comment but am somewhat puzzled.

If you have been following the Council for the past several years, you will know that Cory Storch has been pretty much alone in raising questions about Administration initiatives for which the public deserves answers.

If you have been following Plainfield Today, you will know that I put myself forward as a 'needler'.

My point in this post was 1) Councilor Storch is no longer alone in being able to raise questions for which the public deserves -- and should have -- answers; 2) several items showing the Council is taking back some of the leadership that belongs to it by right, and 3) that there are unanswered questions on the part of the Administration that should have taxpayers concerned, if not outraged, and that the Council is in a position to serve the voters and taxpayers in getting answers.

My question is, where have the members been who were supposed to be joining together for Plainfield in the past 3 years?