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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Mayor gets a Report Card

Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs has made no secret that she intends to run for a second term, beginning with staffers handing out 'Re-elect Sharon' buttons at last August's National Night Out celebration at City Hall.

Assemblyman Jerry Green got in the act on the night of President-elect Obama's victory by trying to start a chant of 'Four more years' when he called her forward for remarks at the Democratic headquarters. Reports were the response was tepid, at best.

The Assemblyman has continued to defend her against critics and seems poised to give her the line in this year's primary contest.

Some of those who don't think this is a good idea have taken to making personal attacks on Mayor Robinson-Briggs. I am not going to be one of them.

Being the chief executive officer of one of New Jersey's important communities is serious business, and the Mayor's record should be judged against standards all can agree are fair.

So, I am going to be keeping a 'Report Card' on Mayor Robinson-Briggs going forward.

She should be judged on the wisdom and effectiveness of her policies, performance and pronouncements.

I'll be observing and commenting and keeping a handy reference record for all to peruse.

Robinson-Briggs will be graded on an item-by-item basis, and a permanent 'Report Card' will be available for all to see here.

Ludi incipiant!

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Rob said...

And believe it or not...this will not be my normal acidic toned commentary on her honor....
I didn't pay ANY attention to her in the original election so I honestly can say I have no clue what "platform" she ran on. Is there any way to find out her campaign promises and add that to the report card??? THANKS DAN !!!

Bill Hetfield said...

Score Card! Did you invent the term "hardball"?
Unless someone comes forward that would put community interest before self-interest, your labors are for naught. But don't give up for being an optimist, I believe a winable alternative will rise from the ashes.
Bill Hetfield

Concerned Resident said...

Reading Dan’s blog today, I was surprised to see his interest in having a report card for Mayor Sharon. Usually when someone does this, the report card includes reporting on the Council and also the Board of Ed (with the community group recently giving the BOE failing grades). I was SHOCKED to read in Dan’s blog regarding the Re-Org meeting that he felt the council member’s remarks were right on part. It was apparent that the members of the COMMUNITY disagreed whole-hearted with that opinion and felt that the Council should be ashamed of themselves and their conduct. Quite honestly, it was embarrassing.

So I hope that no one is confused by Dan’s wayward grading that is to come, for there are obvious disconnects between he and honesty, clarity, integrity, and fair play.

Dan, do you really think the council deserves a passing grade for their circus-like ensemble at the Re-Org meeting? I do not think so, and I can fully understand how embarrassed Cory was because this is the team he put together.

Dan said...

Is that a homework assignment? Thanks, Rob! I'll dig out the binder with all the campaign materials in and we'll see.....

Happy New Year!