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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Council Reorganization: Council President Burney videos

Rashid Burney, sworn in by
Judge Robinson-Gross

Plainfield's City Council reorganized on New Year's Day.

Here are videos of the remarks by newly-elected Council President Rashid Burney. Since the remarks exceeded YouTube's size limit, Councilor Burney's presentation has been posted in three parts. His remarks expand on his pledge to the residents of Plainfield that the 2009 Council will concern itself with TRANSPARENCY IN GOVERNMENT and ECONOMIC REVITALIZATION (see his blog post here). In addition, he outlines some of the LEGISLATIVE AGENDA he proposes for the Council this year. Owing to the length of the proceedings, my poor little camcorder gave out just a few seconds before the end of Councilor Burney's remarks. Sorry.

-- Dan Damon

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