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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Foreclosure Forum Tonight: 'Buster' Soaries Featured

Chart: 239 properties foreclosed in Plainfield in May 2008 alone.

As Plainfielders struggle with the foreclosure crisis, word comes that Assemblyman Jerry Green and Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs are hosting a forum on same tonight, featuring the acclaimed preacher and former GOP cabinet member 'Buster' Soaries.

Never mind that Plainfield Today has been calling attention to the rising crisis in Plainfield for nearly a year and a half.

Never mind that 1,300 homeowners were in pre-foreclosure in Plainfield this past June
(see here).

Never mind that there were 239 NEW foreclosure in Plainfield in May 2008 alone (see here).

Never mind that Assemblyman Green's foreclosure assistance legislation was introduced in March but never got moving until October (see here), during which time about one thousand families per week lost their homes.

Never mind that Assemblyman Green has never had a kind word to say about Republicans, and certainly has never invited a Republican to present a program of any kind in Plainfield.

Never mind that you are finding out about the meeting ON THE DAY ITSELF (unless you read the Courier online last night).

Never mind that NO PRESS RELEASE is posted on the City's website, nor an entry for the online calendar (though the regular block associations meeting, at another location is posted).

Never mind that Mayor Robinson-Briggs gives no evidence of a specific plan of action to help those in trouble with their mortgages.

Never mind that Mayor Robinson-Briggs doesn't mention that Faith, Bricks & Mortar has been toiling faithfully in this vineyard for a long time now.

Never mind that Mayor Robinson-Briggs has put forward no plan of action to help neighborhoods deal with the growing number of vacant and boarded properties, which are becoming eyesores as they prompt vandalism.

Never mind that 'foreclosure home tours' like that last Saturday are too little, too late for the families who are losing their homes.

Never mind that the intensive, long-term, one-on-one work of helping families in trouble stay in their homes cannot be done in mass public meetings.

Never mind that it looks like a cynical media ploy by our elected officials in the face of a real catastrophe in people's lives.

Never mind all that.

Come out tonight.

Listen, learn, see if there is any help or if there is a way to help.

And help if you can.

Then pay mind that November is coming -- NEXT November, that is.

NOTE: For a complete listing of all my posts on Plainfield's foreclosure crisis dating back to July 2007, go to the Plainfield Today results page for a search on the term 'foreclosure' (here).

Foreclosure Forum Tonight

Rev. 'Buster' Soaries, Keynoter

7:30 PM

Queen City Academy Auditorium
Grant Avenue & West 7th Street
(Parking in Grant Avenue lot)
All are welcome.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

Sloppy planning. Just like the sloppy budget. Sloppy sloppy sloppy. I suspect that being one of the most highly taxed States in the nation are part of the foreclosure mess as well.