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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Courier gets a (serious) makeover

Seemingly without warning, today's Courier reveals a serious -- make that a SERIOUS -- makeover of the dead-tree version.

You WILL want to run right out and get one.

First off, the first section has been completely reworked (a story explaining the changes is on the front page).

Local news stories dominate page A01, A03 and rest of the front section. Obituaries (they're local 'news') are also now in section 1. The Local section, which had been getting thinner and thinner, is gone.

State and national stories are pushed to the back of Section 1, facing the editorial page.

The rearrangement makes some sense and is probably based on market research. One really good touch is the reworking of the typography. It is now more consistent and more sensible, IMHO. (A pet peeve since the blend of the HNT and the Courier has been the choppy/sloppy typography.)

Lastly, what appears to be a new column-size format leaves considerable amounts of white space on the left- and right-margins. Are we going to see another reduction in the dimensions of the printed paper once they use up current rolls of newsprint stock? Stay tuned.

You owe it to yourself to run out and get a copy. Check it out and let them have your feedback, which I am sure they are anxious to get.

-- Dan Damon