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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Plainfield Gazette - In support of Sharon!

Candidate Robinson-Briggs and supporters on steps of City Hall.
The original Plainfield Gazette flyer supporting her candidacy
was circulated at City Hall during her 2005 primary campaign.

Let's not overlook the fact that the purpose of the now-infamous 'Plainfield Gazette' leaflet (link is to printable copy) was to support Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs, her administration and its policies. Just as the Plainfield Gazette flyer distributed at City Hall during the 2005 mayoral primary was in support of her candidacy.

Her friend Joan Hervey, in a post to Plainfield Today (
"Plainfield Gazette: Hervey raises more questions") only raised more questions.

One wonders if the Mayor is not asking herself by this time whether with friends like this she needs enemies.

Her Honor says to the Courier News (
"Mayor probing document slurring former city spokesman") that she is investigating.

The leaflet, put out for the public in the City Hall rotunda exactly one week after the funeral of the late Mayor Al McWilliams, dishonors the man who finally got Plainfield moving after decades of being mired in backbiting politics --
"[Damon] heaped constant praise upon a mayor who he said could do no wrong and ha ha, ha, ha!...

"We also know that McWilliams during his forced departure placed his 'loyal' employees in cushy positions with increases but of course, there is no mention of that..."

"Ha ha, ha, ha"?

And let's name names, anonymous leafleter. Who exactly are the 'loyal' employees placed in cushy positions with increases?

The rap, if there is one on Al McWilliams, is that he DIDN'T pad the payroll for hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries for cronies and political paybacks.

Never mind. The man has been slurred. Freshly in the grave.

By a faceless coward or cowards afraid to put their name to their words.

Mayor Robinson-Briggs should offer an apology to the McWilliams family if she has not already done so, letting the world know in no uncertain terms that she doesn't need or tolerate this kind of 'support'.

Unless, of course, she does.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Please!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dan,
I thank you for the work you have done for our school district and our municipality. And, of course, the wonderful service you are providing with Plainfield Today. I hope you will continue serving this community and not be discouraged by the actions of the meanspirited few in our midst.
Warmest regards, Herb Green