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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Board of Ed candidate forum tomorrow

Mark your calendar for the League of Women Voters' Board of Ed candidate forum tomorrow evening: 7:00 PM at the Plainfield Public Library's meeting room.

Five candidates are running for the three 3-year seats that are up: Wilma Campbell, Martin Cox, Jeanette Criscione, Christian Estevez and David Graves.

Incumbent Campbell and newcomer Criscione are running as a team, backed by Assemblyman Jerry Green.

Christian Estevez and incumbent Martin Cox are also running as a team, without any political party backing.

David Graves, a parent activist and longtime Zoning Board chairperson is running independently. He previously served briefly on the Board as an appointee.

PT is having a problem understanding how Criscione, who told me last sumer that she works out of the area five days a week and is only home on weekends, can possibly fulfill the duties of an elected office that requires being physically present for meetings that occur on Tuesdays.

-- Dan Damon

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verdade said...

Dan Damon, you need to get your facts straight. Martin Cox is Green's candidate. You should do your research first. I am truly disappointed in your irresponsible reporting.

verdade said...

Where do you get your information. Martin Cox is Jerry Green's candidate. You need to do your research before printing misinformation. Dan, I am really disappointed. This is irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Dan, do you plan to make a correction? You obviously thought it was important to call attention to Green's political backing. Therefore you should find it even more important to let your readers know you were wrong.

Dottie Gutenkauf said...

Another false assumption on your part, Dan. Jeanette was quite clear at the forum--she is self-employed and therefore makes her own schedule.