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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Board of Ed race: Campbell crew cheats, Priano pranks Campbell, #getmad sticks to its plan

Candidate Timothy Priano pranks the Campbell slate in
this Photoshopped group photo showing them holding signs
for the PEA-endorsed candidates rather than themselves.

As the Board of Ed race hits the final stretch, a little review is in order.

As is par for a Campbell campaign, cheating is the norm -- from the free hot dogs and hamburgers at the Maxson back-to-school night (no permission sought from the district), a spurious rumor about an opposition candidate on the Cook School campus (not true), and then their first mailer -- shot in the Plainfield High School Library.

John Campbell and running mates Richard Wyatt and
Emily Morgan posed for this campaign photo in the
Plainfield High School Library. Not appropriate.

This proprietary attitude toward District property should be an alarm signal to voters.

Independent candidate Timothy Priano pranked the Campbell crew with a Photoshopped image of them holding up "signs" for the PEA-endorsed candidates (Rebecca Perkins, Melba Mullins and Timothy Priano).

Meanwhile, Mayor Mapp's #getmad slate is sticking to its knitting with phone banking and door-to-door canvassing.

Meanwhile, the #getmad team has this mobile billboard
being towed all around town.

Plus a little last-minute fizz with a mobile billboard being towed around town.

Board of Ed choices are nonpartisan and appear in the box below the partisan candidates on Tuesday's ballot. Don't forget to vote for school board candidates after voting COLUMN A ALL THE WAY.

 -- Dan Damon [ follow ]

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