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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Political surprise at Sunday's Blessing of the Animals

Tom Kaercher, one of the organizers, with his moose cap.

Tom Kaercher speaks to the crowd.

Some of the pets (and horses) at the event.

This handsome fellow was more interested in the grass
than anything else throughout the whole afternoon.

My new best friend Jett, visiting from Bridgewater with
his family. At 6 months, everyone is a friend to play with.

There was a political surprise at Sunday's Blessing of the Animals event at Leland Avenue Park.

About forty people and their animal companions (including three horses) gathered at the park for the nineteenth year of celebration organized by the Animal Initiative Committee.

A low-key and friendly event that celebrates our animal companions has become more "political" over time in advocating for better ways for humans and undomesticated animals to coexist.

This was the case Sunday as residents Mary Ellen Chanda, Tom Kaercher and Eli Campolei addressed the crowd.

Mother Joyce Sceyer of Grace Episcopal Church and Rev. Damaris Ortega of the UCC Church offered blessings. (Fr. Frank Rose of St. Bernard's Church, who has been at every celebration since the beginning, was not there this year.)

Though not a partisan political event, occurring as it does in the height of each year's political seaon it has always attracted Plainfield City Council representatives and candidates.

Attendees are primarily (though not exclusively) 2nd Ward residents and the 2nd Ward figures in 4 out of 4 election years (including the mayoral year) in the cycle, so it has been a natural event for candidate schmoozing.

With a usual turnout of between 40 and 50, it is bigger than any meet-and-greet a candidate is likely to ever encounter.

That is why it was quite a surprise to see only challenger Ron Johnson in attendance, though Regular Democrats Elton Armady and Joylette Mills-Ransome are also on the November ballot. My bet is that Johnson considered it an hour well spent.

 -- Dan Damon [ follow ]

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